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About Us

Reputa India assists enterprises with managing workplace discipline. We provide end-to-end pre/post Human Resource and Corporate Ethics solutions for better governance, productivity and increased workplace loyalty. Our service offerings include providing Reputa Certified Professionals to enterprises and tools for enterprises to do background verification for potential hires and report achievements as well as violations of existing working professionals on a common platform.


What is Reputa?


Reputa India is comprehensive Service provider Firm that manages your human resources, Reputation management and performance management, tasks with the help of latest technology. Reputa provides to its client organization with the information to manage, administer and optimize every HR business function from recruitment to separation. It tightly integrates organization's human resource and Discipline to help and manage their workforce effectively. We have 5+ employees in India (Ahmedabad) providing 24x7 supports to our clients with range from start-up companies to Fortune 500.


Features of Reputa:


Reputa includes many powerful features that meet your organization’s unique requirements. Reputa delivers a full range of features to support personnel activities during the entire business life of an employee, from hiring through retirement.


Fully Automated Human Resource Functions:


  •  Automate the HR activities such as recruitment, transfer, promotion, and separation.
  •  Cross control system is available in all the modules.
  •  Generate various activities such as preparation of offer letter, transfer order promotion letter.
  •  Generate manpower reports that are helpful for the management to take decision.
  •  Maintain history of transfer, training and promotion details
  •  Resume posting through web.
  •  Information stored in a single place and shared by all the modules. Data redundancy is eliminated.
  •  Ensure centralized storage for the ease of maintenance, availability of online data to all the users and the consistency of data.

Reputa's mission is managing Reputation in business environment and brings discipline to employer v/s employee matters. We provide solutions to businesses and individuals that will help in better workplace governance.


Reputa provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes.


Reputa helps organization in


  • Protect the Firm
  • Build a Trusted Community
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Assessment

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