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Effective Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is a potent tool that can land you a HR interview call and maybe a dream job you’ve been waiting for. Hiring managers and recruiters complaint often that they haven’t seen cleanly written resume in their inboxes and most are copy paste of someone else’s work.


Since HR receives 1000s of resumes, if your resume is one of them, it will get initially scanned for 10 to 15 seconds. Scanning is more difficult if it is hard to read, poorly organized or exceeds two pages. And if you don’t make an impression in these 15 seconds to become shortlisted, chances are that you’ll not be called again as your email will be tagged as “Already read”  and HR will move to next incoming resume for scanning.

Here are some tips of how to write attractive and effective resume which can get HR’s attention and give you more chances to get interview and land you your dream job.


1.   Use Effective Title


Resume title is what you are. It has to match the job opening which you are applying for as close as possible. This gives the first impression to the employer  about your past experience and nature of duties you may be able to do. HR Managers and recruiters judge your resume in less than 1 seconds through titles and it has to be very much succinct and effective.


2.   Use Right keywords


Most companies are using various job portals to search right candidates. Company recruiters / staffing consultants and outside vendors  post jobs on job portals on behalf of employer and every job portal mandates recruiters to put specific keywords that tie with the position they are advertising. Your resume must have keywords related to job which you are applying for so you can have matching jobs come up to apply to. In cases where recruiters have access to resume bank, they always look at keywords to search the resume database. So it is important that you ensure that you do put right keywords when posting your resume in job sites.


Take a look at few Job Descriptions and job ads. It will help you to choose right keywords for your resume. Also it will give you more idea on what employers are looking for in a particular job description or role.


3.   Use bullet Points and summary at the start


Recruiters won’t have time to read long paragraphs or sentences. They will scan your resume in maximum 15 seconds. So in short time you have to try and attract recruiters attention. You must try and summarize your skills and expertise, achievements in bulleted points and use bold if you have done exemplary work like won an award or got recognition.


4.   Put all important information first.


As stated earlier, you must get attention of recruiter earlier on so that he is interested to read your resume further. If you can’t get attention in your first 2 paragraphs, it is almost guaranteed that you will never get attention at bottom part.  Do ensure that you use the first half of page as your key branding real estate. It has to leave a mark and entice the HR Manager to read further.


5.   Don’t write lies


In India 15-24% resumes in India are fake and 33% have misrepresented facts. Because of this reason almost all of companies do Background Check when hiring new employees. As you get into senior role, the process becomes more and more stringent. You are almost always asked to support everything you write in resume with documented evidence.  Even small lies should be absolutely avoided.  If you lie and it does not get caught in resume or interview, it may anyway be a cause to get you fired and lose credibility later. Laws are on employer side if your resume has misrepresented facts.


6.   Only write that things what you know about and what you have done.

This tip is for both about your education as well as for your experience. If you have don’t have a degree yet, mention an estimated date for completion. This is especially important for freshers. If you never had any real work experience, mention any summer job or  volunteer work explicitly. As long as those points are relevant to the job in question, it does not matter whether you worked on full time job or trainee. Companies see experience as experience. What is more important is your role on that job. Exactly write what were your responsibilities and what tasks you performed on day to day basis. This is what counts as your real experience and has to match very closely to your job description.

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