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Why you need to do background checks?

We usually know that there are so many companies are coming in the market and for the tough competitions in the business, these companies need the quality and experienced manpower for the companies' growth.

Companies prefer hiring recruitment consultancies and pay high commissions to them for finding the right candidates with perfect fit.

When these companies are hiring them via agencies,they usually don't check the employees' backgrounds and put strees on authenticating his education details,experience certificates,reference checks etc. This is very important activity that is now getting prominence in industry.

Companies may be not checking them as they have already paid a huge amount for hiring the candidates or they don't have time to check and the placement consultancies have no such processes and tools to do proper checks where they only focus on submitting candidate and get the commissions.

In this case companies are loosing the employees within 3 to 6 months when the candidate gets  a high package from other company. Loyalty is not there and also there are breach of NDA, Non-Compete agreements without any legal remedy avaialble.

Cases are on the rise and you read so often in TV and media that major IT/BPO company  discovers that their employee does fraud by stealing the confidential data/documents and sell them to other competitor companies. In this case the company not even loses the employee but client and also goodwill. The impact is HUGE.

In India, laws are not strict and violations are commonplace.

Please check this.


  • In India 15 - 24 % of resumes are  faked. 
  • 1 in 3 CVs misinterpret facts.  ™
  • Close to 24 % CVs have forged  documents.  (Source KPMG India Fraud Survey 2006 ) 
  • 75% of IT security incidents are caused  from within the company not by hackers.(Gartner Group) 
  • Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore are the 3 highest contributors to negative reports during a background check.
  • Forged Documents/Certificates constitute 50% of negative reports while certificates from fake or non-existent institutions constitute 18% of all negative reports within Education Checks.
  • Misrepresented Tenure (30%), Fudged Salaries (27%) and Wrong reasons for leaving (15%) constitute three highest areas of discrepancies amongst Previous Employment Checks.
  • More than 55% of negative reports on Address Check are those where the candidate simply does not even reside.



Pune BPO-Scam 


Pune BPO scam was claimed to be the first scam in India. In April 2005, five employees of MsourcE in Pune were arrested for allegedly pulling off a fraud worth nearly $425,000 from the Citibank accounts of four New York-based account holders.


Source: Deccan Herald  | Indian Express  | The Hindu


We at Reputa India ,are aware of these things and that is why we are different from common recruitment service providers. We always ask our clients to hire the employees verified by Reputa. The higher fees you pay are worth the effort to find reputed resources.

So hire the employees verified by Reputa and be relaxed and if you want to report any problematic candidates, please contact us and we will work with you to get them blacklisted on

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