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Client Services

Client services


Reputa India is a professionally managed manpower placement Hub, managed by a group of young, dynamic and energetic Management & I.T professionals at AHMEDABAD.

Our team of multidisciplinary Consultants, with expertise across functional areas, set the process of scrutinisation in motion, in no time. We ensure superior quality and efficiency in the search process, facilitating the process of recruiting the best manpower matching with your organizational culture.

Background Check

Reputa provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes. Our Background Check services include:

Physical verification

Physical verification of current/permanent address. A physical visit is made at the address of the candidate to determine whether the candidate has lived at the given address or not. If required, an address proof to confirm the residence is checked.

HR Services

Our Services include:

Compensation Consulting

Contract Staffing

Are you looking to hire employees on temporary basis?

Whether you are trying out a new concept or do not have bandwidth to do payroll, administer resources or are looking for a niche specialized manpower for short period, you can look at contract staffing as an option.

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