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Are you looking for advice on writing a great resume? You've come to the right place. Reputa will help you build a solid and effective resumes.

Why should you write a resume?

        * To get an interview for a job or internship.
        * To prepare for the graduate...

As an individual looking to get hired, you can differentiate yourself by getting Reputa Verified Certification. A Reputa Verified Certification makes it clear that your resume is genuine and has integrity to standout from the crowd of jobseekers.           


 Displaying your Reputation (education, awards,...

Your Leaders Are Your Organization's Role Models

Are your managers and supervisors setting the right example as role models for the organization? Many organizations today are experiencing a leadership gap within their management team. Managers and supervisors may possess the job skills to get things done and the control skills to keep employees in line, but if they...

Research has shown that for the most part, employees are very good at what they do. That's why they are hired, trained, retrained, and promoted. They are all "subject matter" experts.

Their problems occur when they attempt to communicate their subject expertise to others. They have had extensive training and experience in performing their jobs, but very little...

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